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Founded in Sydney Australia, with a global vision to make learning to drive safer and more accessible. LDRIVO helps Learners find and book their perfect Driving Instructor, creating new business for Driving Instructors and most importantly reducing road fatalities

My personal ethos is to develop and drive disruptive businesses that challenge stagnant industry practices. Innovation, technology and creativity are all key elements in developing lean start-ups from humble beginnings to industry leaders in their own right. Dane has employed this method across a variety of specialist industries such as travel, education and on-demand job and business services.

Inspired by an article regarding road fatalities and the links between young and inexperienced drivers led me to focus my attention to the driving school industry. Through my research I discovered that the driving school industry has remained relatively unchanged over the past 40 years. Out of the desire to innovate the learner driver market and create safer roads through practical education, the LDRIVO concept was born.


Dane Wasterweller

A serial entrepreneur and veteran of the digital age, having started in dotcom during its commercial inception in the 90s. Nathan believes in the power of the internet to inspire and drive positive change at both an individual level and for society broadly.

Nathan’s vision, collaborative style and global experience, has successfully built and launched over a dozen digital businesses, from initial ideation through to commercial realisation and in many developed market leading businesses and brands.

He believes LDRIVO will transform the “Learn to drive” category, by matching Learners to their perfect Instructor and as a result have a positive effect on reducing fatalities on the roads around the world.


Nathan Dawes

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