Will driverless cars kill the driving school industry

Is new technology to blame?

New technology helps improve care safety and makes the whole overall driving experience better for the person. But, will driverless cars send the driving school industry the way of the dinosaur? Many driving schools, instructors and industry experts don’t seem too concerned.

Dane Westerweller, Co-Founder of LDRIVO, says that, in fact, self-driving cars could make driving schools and driving instructors even more important. “If you own a private car in the future, you’re still going to need a drivers licence regardless if the car is fully autonomous or not”.

research suggests, that until the autopilot can fully take over, we need to treat self-driving cars with a certain amount of distrust, otherwise we could be putting ourselves in serious danger. The issue was so serious that drivers shouldn’t be allowed to use this technology without specific training.

Looking forward, the government will likely follow other developed nations and implement mandatory driver training for everyone under the age of 21

Global decline in driver licensing 

In Australia, the decline in driver licensing has been recorded in New South Wales and Victoria. Australia is one of the few countries that doesn’t compile national licensing rates. In Victoria, the decline has been slow but steady. Licensing rates for people under 25 have dropped from 77% to 66% since 2000-01

Australia isn’t alone in this trend. A review of youth licensing rates in 13 countries found declines in the US, Canada, UK, Japan and much of Europe. All over the developed world millennials are turning their back on the car.

Drivers Licence Vs Rider Licence (Motorbike) 

NSW uses a Graduated Licensing Scheme to ensure riders (Motorbikes) have the skills required to ride safely. The Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme is compulsory in areas where it’s available (declared areas).  You must successfully complete the 2 day pre-learner course. You must also successfully complete the pre-provisional course (7 hours of riding)– to get your provisional P1 Rider licence

On the flip side, to get your learner drivers licence you must:

– Be at least 16 years of age

– Pass a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

– Complete 120 hours of supervised training

– Complete driver licence test (approx. 45 min test)

Mandatory training

Mandatory pre-learner driving course and professional driver training would teach learners the basics of road safety, road awareness and help reduce road fatalities by preparing young drivers for the future.

LDRIVO Proposal 

– Be at least 16 years of age

– Complete pre-learner drivers ed course. (2 days) This could be taught in School or by private trainers.

– Pass a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT).

– 5 hours mandatory training with a professional instructor.

– Complete 60 hours supervised driving.

– Complete driver licence test


– Half the total hours of supervised training with parents

– More cost effective and less time consuming for parents and learners.

– Create better drivers and safer roads